Download and install student ebook on iPad

1. Go to using the Safari app or any web browser. Once the page has loaded, a banner will appear at the top of the browser window to notify you that the site you’re visiting uses cookies. Tap the FERMER button to close the banner.

2. Tap Français and then English to change the default language.


3. Enter your Username and Password and tap return.

*Note that depending the Adomania product you purchased, your username and password will be found on a sticker in the front of your Student Book or a yellow card like those below.

4. Tap IPAD to navigate to the App Store.  

5. Tap the GET button to download the Biblio HFLE app to your iPad.

6. Open the app and log in with the same username and password used in step 4. Tap return.

7. Tap the BIBLIOTHÈQUE tab at the left side of the screen or the Voir tout link at the right.

8. Tap the downward arrow on the ebook cover.

9. Tap Télécharger to commence the ebook download.

10. Once your download is complete it will appear in your BIBLIOTHÈQUE as below. Tap the ebook cover to open it.